Book Reviews
Rhodesian War/ Zimbabwe Independence War
Armstrong, Peter Operation Zambezi
Godwin, Peter   Mukiwa
 Hartmann, Michael A Game for Vultures
Horne, Gerald From the Barrel of a Gun
Mangold, Tom & Goldberg, Jeff Plague Wars
Moore King, Bruce White Man Black War
Reid-Daly, Ron Pamwe Chete
Smith, Ian   Bitter Harvest - The Great Betrayal
Stiff, P See You in November

The Silent War

Warfare by Other Means

Cry Zimbabwe

Williams, Major Mike as told to Moore, Robin  Major Mike
Zimbabwe post Independence
Spring, Wiliam  The Long Fields
Film Reviews
Cry Freedom
Dust Devil
Game for Vultures
The Wild Geese
Zulu and Zulu Dawn
Bear in mind that I'm the sort of person who notices when John McLean (Bruce Willis) claims in Die Hard 2 that Glock pistols are German (no, they're Austrian) or Robert DeNiro completely mispronounces Hereford in Ronin.